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These are canvas Giclee prints that have each been completely hand embellished with heavy texture.

Each of them are mounted in 3.5" deep strechers, painted and signed by Patrick himself.

If you have seen them in person, you know the quality!

To order simply call us at 850-625-2695 or email patrick@angelartist.com

Dreamstate   Nightingale   Of conciousness and color    
Dreamstate 27x40
Price: $1100
  Nightingale 29.5x42.5
Price: $1298
  Of Conciousness and Colors 25.75x25.75
Price: $700
Adore   Beyond Eternity   Origins    
Adore 19.5x32.5
Price: $700
  Far beyond eternity 17x51.5
Price: $998
  Origins 14.5x49
Price: $800


Morning of a Nightingale   Yesterdays Autumn   Morning of Spirit Song    
Morning of a nighingale 28.25x28.25
Price: $800
  Yesterdays Autumn 25.75x25.75
Price: $700
  Morning of Spirit Song28.25x28.25
Price: $800
Dreamer within   Dreams of Youth   Forgotten Dreams    
The Dreamer Within 23.25x23.25
Price: $600
  Dreams of Youth23.25x23.25
Price: $600
  Forgotten Dreams 23.25x23.25
Price: $600


Dawn of a Dreamer   Stella   Illusions of a Dream    
Dawn of a Dreamer 25.75x25.75
Price: $700


  Illusions of a Dream 34.5x48
Price: $1698

Spirit Song




Tomorrow Awaits




Spirit Song 14.5x49

Price: $998
  Tomorrow Awaits 27x64

Price $1698
Price: $0.00
Journey of Dreams   Foundations of Faith        
Journey of Dreams 29.5x66.5
Price: $1698
  Foundations of Faith 34.5x48
  Sold out
Price: $





The Fortune Within




Fractured 32 x48
Price: $1498
  The Fortune Within 27x40
Price: $1498
Yes they are all 3.5" deep for that architecual feel. Each one is heavily textured by Patrick himself, thus why there are only 20 pieces in an edition