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Born in New Orleans where he began his career at a young age. Through the years Patrick has developed one of the most unusual and identifiable art styles in the world. Though known for his figurative romanticism style, it is his execution that is so dynamic. His approach is known only to him, by adding a relief dimension of hand sculpted densite and limestone to graphite and oil, his work seems to reach out of the panel. It is this very dimension that draws you in, each piece seems to bring you through a journey of human emotions.

It is as Patrick puts it, "Where words end, art begins"

Chris Hayle-



Patrick is the only artist in the United States to maintain graphite block and limestone suspended in oil. As he developed the medium over time, the art world was watching. Graphite figurative romanticism was born. And one could easily say that his art will be carved into the history books and studied for generations to come.
Today, Patrick pushes the envelope of his style, forever exploring the stories that can be told through art. The signature style remains evident in every new layout drawing or final masterpiece. “The passion is the same” says Patrick. “It’s a burning desire to begin a piece that has already been completed in my head. It must materialize, it must come to life.”
Patrick begins his pieces by grinding graphite and limestone into boiled linseed oil and varying thickness on his palette. He then uses a brush to swirl the mixture onto the board creating both texture and form. The result is rock hard fine art that will last for centuries.
Art collectors from all walks of life describe the work as moving, and that is what it is intended to do, move you. Rarely, if ever, does it match the drapes. Patrick’s work falls into the category of generational collections. Found in some of the most prestigious corporate and family collections in the world.
As a published author, of his art and writings such as Principals of Peace, Patrick continues work on new  projects such as Journey of Dreams, a new book due out this summer, and Tears of a Dreamer, a book based on the philosophies of Patrick Reynolds works.
Patrick was born in New Orleans, and is married to his wife and life  manager Julie.



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